Diving into another success story that showcases the transformative power of SmartMob’s solutions!

Meet one of our clients managing a network of 9 warehouses across South Africa, overseeing stock for 86 clients. With the SmartMob app, real-time stock insights are at their fingertips, fostering efficiency and transparency.

Key Features:
Real-Time Stock Insight: 86 clients have instant access to their stock situation, promoting proactive decision-making.
Procurement and Shipping Requests: Clients seamlessly request stock procurement and shipping via the app, streamlining processes.
Efficient Stock Management: The app processed 8,043 Awaiting Receipts, procuring 35.2 million items, and 18,878 Dispatch notes, shipping 28 million items in the last 12 months.
QR Coded Stock: Enhancing accuracy, stock is QR coded upon arrival and stored in coded locations, reducing errors.
Audit Capabilities: Ad-hoc and full stock audits are simplified, reducing audit time with multiple users simultaneously conducting stock takes.
In-App Messaging: A WhatsApp-style system fosters seamless communication with clients and allows system notices.

Client Testimonials Speak Volumes:
Directors’ 5-Star Reviews:
– “Extremely impressed by the efficient way in which they have performed. Highly recommend!”
– “Impressed with the capabilities of the application. Will definitely add value to our business!”
– “Such a listening and patient business!”

This success story exemplifies how SmartMob’s tailored solutions revolutionize stock management, fostering efficiency and client satisfaction. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of innovation!

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