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“Explore our bespoke cross-platform mobile app development, tailored to seamlessly implement your processes. Ideal for franchising or growth, these custom solutions ensure 24/7 accessibility. Guarantee satisfaction with our user-centric, scalable mobile experience, prioritizing your unique needs and growth goals.”

Why custom-made, cross platform app development?

As a business owner, you demand perfection. Continue reading for the 6 Reasons We Guarantee Satisfaction With Bespoke Mobile Apps.

Business owners typically have access to many software options to perform different tasks in your business. You might use CRM’s, stock management apps, quoting systems, time and attendance apps and many others.

But! None of them are designed for your business, they do not work together, they do not report together, and you must teach each of them to your staff and clients.

What if you can get your own software or app, designed for your business processes, branded to represent your business, available 24/7 on all platforms, at 50-70% cheaper than you would think?

SmartMob, your specialized mobile app developers, focus on simplifying your business processes. We collaborate with you to review and optimize workflows, crafting a user-friendly app tailored to your needs.

This enables YOU to make faster, more accurate decisions to improve your Return on Investment.

We have many modules available off-the-shelf (see this FAQ for a list of modules). Combined with our approach to use one code base across all platforms means that we can develop your custom app at an unbelievable price point (see this FAQ for cost information)!

6 Reasons We Guarantee Satisfaction With Bespoke Mobile App development

Custom made

We work with you to understand your business requirements and processes and help with optimization if required.

Cross platform

All our apps are designed to work out of the box on Android, Apple and Windows browsers. You only pay for one developer and one application.

Mobile apps

Our apps are designed to be available in your pocket, 24/7/365 and optimized for low or no connectivity to reduce business interruption.

Satisfaction guarantee

You are involved throughout the design and development process with access to your app from the start, so we can fix problems early in the process.

Fast and always available

We make sure your apps are performant, always available and your data is secure by using the latest cloud techology.

POPIA compliant

We make sure that your application and data is tecnically compliant with the requirements of the South African POPI Act (or equivalent for other countries).

How much will it cost?

SmartMob spesializes in hybrid, mobile applications that use a single code base to work on Apple devices, Android devices, modern web browsers and can even be installed as applications on Windows and Apple computers.

The development platform is extremely modular and we have a lot of modules on the shelf that we can brand and customize for your needs.

This means that we can develop your custom solution at typically 30-50% of the price of our competitors.

What Are Clients Saying?

Just a big thank you Gert, for your patience, willingness and hands-on guidance in developing from scratch a soon to be launched, custom-made, cross-platform, mobile application targeted at a workforce, currently finding themselves at the bottom of the pyramid, to improve their marketability and accessibility in the open market by reducing the cost of the “last mile”. Without your knack to grasp and add value to the teams concepts this product would never see the light of day. You are the real deal. Thanks again.

Sieberhagen Heyns

Director, emheyns Quantity Surveyors

We (GLOVent Solutions) contracted Gert to assist us in the development of our new Community (Estate) Management System. His focus was on the development of our member application, but he was a key member of the core design team and his insights were hugely valuable in all aspects of the system design and development.

I can highly recommend Gert to any organisation. Apart from his skills as a system developer, he also has exceptional work ethic and is a natural leader and mentor to other team members.

Adriaan Odendaal

CEO, GLOVent Solutions

I am impressed with Gert’s professionalism, commitment to the job, attention to detail and keeping the customer updated with the job progress.

It seems no request is impossible for Gert. He seems to understand exactly what is needed and comes up with quick solutions.

Dr. Bridget Bromfield

Secretary-General, Chiropractic Association of South Africa

Smartmob developed a brand new app in the market of Conveyancing for us. We received excellent professional service with a personal touch. Job well done! Highly recommended!

Ria Breytenbach

Conveyancer, Breytenbach Keulder Inc

I’ve had the privilege of working with Gert for the past 6 months. During this time Gert added tremendous value in the design and development of both mobile and web applications. He illustrates competence in all facets of the software development life cycle and has the ability to approach all requirements from a holistic perspective. Gert is a great team player with a good work ethic, which makes him an absolute pleasure to work with.

Wikus Grobler

CTO, GLOVent Solutions

What technology do we use?

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner

SmartMob is a registered Microsoft Partner and use Microsoft technology extensively in our solutions

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Secure, scalable, POPI-compliant cloud hosting platform



Flexible, powerful programming language used on the front-end (user interface) and backend (API to database) via NODE.JS



Flexible and powerful implementation of JavaScript on the server side (backend)



Powerful, flexible and modular framework developed by Google for Single Page Web apps

Ionic Framework

Ionic Framework

Powerful and flexible framework to create cross platform applications

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

A powerful database server for storing backend data.

We also use a variety of other SQL databases depending on your requirements, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, etc



Depending on the requirements, we also use No-SQL databases such as MongoDB, CosmosDB, Redis, Firebase, CoachDB, etc.

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