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About us

SmartMob - System Engineering and Management Consulting

SmartMob is a Systems Engineering and Management Consulting firm based in Pretoria, South Africa.

From humble beginnings as GB&R Consulting CC, operating since 2004, SmartMob was registered in 2019 with a new focus:

To provide customers with smarter solutions to System Engineering and business-related challenges.

Our Founder and Managing Director, Gert Botha, is an Electronics Engineer with more than 27 years of experience as consultant and contractor, both nationally and internationally. Starting his career in product development in the military environment, Gert has gained experience in high available hardware and software design and he thoroughly understands the importance of proper design, documentation and testing. Later diverting into the Toll and Intelligent Transportation System environment, he has gained extensive experience in many national and international projects in this space.

With extensive experience in establishing deals and partnering with national and international firms as needed, SmartMob can design and deliver the best and smartest end-to-end solutions to address your unique need, considering all aspects of the design and engineering process to ensure that the solution is not just efficient and right for your needs, but also considers the unique needs of users to ensure quick acceptance and efficient operation. Operations and maintenance are always key factors in the design and SmartMob also prepares the required manuals and perform training to ensure user acceptance.

SmartMob's Services

SmartMob offers services in several areas, as identified below:

  • Smart Mobility, Toll and Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Systems Engineering and Design, Tendering and Contract Management
  • Software and ESCROW testing/verification/certification
  • Project Management
  • Business Process design and improvement
  • Training, coaching and mentoring

We have a passion for training, coaching and mentoring people and uplifting them to add more value in every sphere of their lives. We are working with our partners to establish a separate training company to provide project management and business management training courses, accredited via the Services SETA (Sector Training Education and Training Authority) as well as various courses registered via the ETDP (Education, Training and Development Practices) SETA.

Smart mobility, Intelligent Transportation System, Toll systems

Smart mobility

Portfolio, Program and Project Management

Project Management

Portfolio, Program and Project Management

Software and ESCROW testing/verification/certification

System Engineering

System Engineering

Business Process Improvement and Design

Business Processes

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LinkedIn recommendations for SmartMob's staff

" Gert is a highly astute Leader with extensive knowledge and experience in the area of Intelligent Transport Systems. He is a great Manager of people who goes out of his way to see the growth of those around him. He is an expert in Contract Management while fostering lasting relationships with all stakeholders using his naturally exceptional interpersonal skills. Gert is an all-round seasoned Technical professional who undoubtedly has immense value to add to any Technical establishment. "

Gert is a straight forward get things done professional that focusses on the job instead of the side shows. He will ensure one has the right information at the right time and is definitely an asset to any team "

" Having had the opportunity to work closely with Gert for the past two years, I can vouch of Gert's extensive experience in the Intelligent Transport Systems environment; this was demonstrated by his exceptional understanding of designing, developing and implementing Agile processes and systems within out Tolling environment and scope.

He is an expert in integrating all forms of processes and systems, this was demonstrated by the achievement of an ISO9001 certification. Furthermore, Gert has been involved in the successful introduction of different types of payment methods / systems in both South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Gert's leadership style allows him to be a confidant in his colleagues whilst remaining objective. As part of MANCO, Gert's has contributed enormously in the delivery of the business objectives particularly where technology is concerned.

With his steadfast character supported by the above, I would recommend Gert to anyone without hesitation. "

" Gert is the guy with the big heart. Always putting his teammates and colleague's interests at heart. Technically, his knowledge and experience of tolling and ITS is highly recommended. Gert's commitment to his work was always on display, and his willingness to go the extra mile is a character one looks for in a colleague and Manager. Sharing a seat with Gert at MANCO was an enriching and humbling experience. Thanks for being you "

" Gert is a person who can be trusted upon blindly due to his total and just professional and personal approach. His perfect blend of effectiveness and efficiency adds value to his professionalism. He has given master piece to our company everytime we required some assistance in terms of Toll Solutions. In future as well I would like to request GERT and only GERT to give solutions for my company. His vision, organised approach and leading to logical conclusion in very short timeframe is just immaculate. I regard him as a professional and would like to be associated with him as he can find solutions to all problems. All my company employees, from top management to lower staff, adure him a lot due to his personal touch and professionalism. I also recommend others to have complete faith in him for his quality and clarity in work. GERT hats off to you. "

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