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The Conveyance and Bond Calculator was designed BY Conveyancers FOR Conveyancers.

The primary purpose was to provide a branded, convenient tool to assist Estate Agents that work with you to close the deal any time of day by providing accurate and formalized quotes for transfer and bond fees!

Further features include:

  • It is user friendly and fast
  • It expands your brand and image with improved visibility and marketing
  • It’s one of a kind and the first mobile app
  • It is not dependent on connectivity and can be used out on the farm
  • It offers additional features that are not readily available in the market
  • It will continuously be improved
  • It is cheap compared to time-cost savings and other marketing costs and the monthly fee is independent of the number of users
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The Conveyance and Bond Calculator calculates transfer and bond fees based on the required legal fees as published in the Government Gazette and prescribed by the South African Revenue Services and Legal Practice Council.

These fees are updated in app as they are published and will always be correct.

The Conveyance Calculator is now available to Conveyance Attorneys who wants to provide accurate and timely quotes to Estate Agents and regular clients/Investors any time of dayanywhere.

It is fully configurable with the following:

  • Company logo
  • Company brand colours
  • Company contact details
  • Custom front page
  • Additional articles on the front page to engage customers
  • Configurable PDF export of quotes
  • Custom fees for the different calculators

The app can easily be installed with a link from your web site and downloads all required information for offline operation (where there is limited or no connectivity).

Try the Conveyance and Bond Calculator ...

Click on the button below to open the calculator on a new page. You can use it in the browser or install it as an app on Windows, Android and Apple devices as explained below.

On Windows and Android devices, you can open the in-app menu and tap the “Install to home screen” button to install it as an app on your device.

On Apple devices, use the Safari browser and tap the SHARE button at the bottom and then tap the “Add to home screen” button.

The calculator allows for the following calculations based on the purchase price and number of properties:

  • Transfer Fee
    • Transfer Duty to SARS
    • Deeds Office Transfer Fee
    • Attorney Transfer Fee
    • Other custom fees
    • VAT transactions
      • VAT included in price
      • Sale of a going concern
  • Bond Fee
    • Bond Fee
    • Deeds Office Bond Fee
    • Custom fees
Conveyance calculator

The screenshots below shows all the configuration items …

Conveyance calc company setup
Conveyance calc branding setup
Conveyance calc fee setup
Conveyance calc PDF setup

Sample PDF quote which can be downloaded to your mobile device and sent to a client via email, WhatsApp, etc.

Conveyance calc formal PDF quote

To get your branded copy of the Conveyance Calculator, use the form below to contact us and get the required subscription and configuration forms …

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