Ten use cases for mobile apps, No 9 - Franchising

Benefits of a mobile application for FRANCHISING!

Meet Fran!

Fran has a roaring business, but she is struggling to grow it!

She tried everything she could think of but she can only service a limited area by herself.

A good friend and mentor suggested that she considers franchising to expand the areas that she can service.

Her friend introduced her to SmartMob.


SmartMob has a simple process:

  • An obligation-free meeting to review and understand her problem
  • Optimize and implement her business processes
  • Ongoing improvement process to ensure the solution remains optimal

SmartMob guarantees the following:

  • Custom made solution to solve her problem
  • Client involvement throughout the design and development process
  • Quick time to market
  • Competitive pricing
  • Ongoing improvement and support
franchising advantages

The solution offers the following benefits:

  • Private, traceable communication
  • Standardized catalogue and pricelist
  • Standardized quote process
  • Standardized billing process
  • Real-time and accurate reporting
  • Complete CRM (leads capture, follow-up, tracking, reminders)
  • Appointments
  • Quality Inspections
  • Low franchising fees (which can be recovered monthly)

Fran is so happy – she quadrupled her business within a short time and has full control and 24 hour availability of information on how her business is growing.

She had the products, skills and procedures all along – she just had to formalize and franchise them!


Do you need to expand your business?

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