Ten use cases for mobile apps, No 8 - Document Management

Document Management
Doc Management is responsible for document management in her organization. She is continuously struggling with staff (who has other responsibilities and pressures) to get their documentation filed properly. The office therefore runs at low efficiency because source documentation often goes missing or takes ages to find! Everyone is very frustrated (although no one is helping by not filing their documents properly).
Doc Management is introduced to SmartMob, an innovative software development company that specializes in mobile app development. They have a simple process to resolve client problems:

  1. An obligation-free meeting to understand the organizational problem
  2. Designing or optimizing an efficient process to resolve the problem
  3. Designing a custom-made mobile application to implement the process
  4. Implement the mobile app, with ongoing engagement with the end-users to ensure that the app is perfect when launched and already have user buy-in
Document Management
Document Management
SmartMob guarantees the following for Doc Management and her organization:

  1. A custom made solution to solve her problem
  2. Cross-platform availability (Apple, Android, Windows)
  3. Client involvement throughout the process
  4. Quick time to market
  5. Competitive pricing
  6. Ongoing improvement and support
With the new mobile app, Doc Management can easily scan (through the printer network or using the mobile camera) new documents when they are created, categorise them and store them in a secure environment that has automated backup and disaster recovery built-in. This has the following advantages:

  1. Reduced storage volume and costs
  2. Easier retrieval and therefore office efficiency
  3. Better collaboration
  4. Enhanced client relations
  5. Peace of Mind
  6. Enhanced security
  7. Better backup and disaster recovery
  8. Improved regulatory compliance (especially with POPIA)
Document Management
Document Management
Now Doc Management is the office superhero because she can find documents within minutes when the boss needs something, even after hours!

She is also the superhero at home because she does not have to drive to the office after hours to attend to the boss' needs and therefore have so much more family time!

They literally have their business in their pockets!

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