SmartMob just completed 6 personalized mobile apps for GLOVent

This week, SmartMob finished preparing six new personalized mobile apps for GLOVent in record time.

What does this mean, you ask?

SmartMob worked with GLOVent to develop an innovative Community Management System (CMS) which provides integrated management, communications, bookings and more functions to estate and community managers.

Some estates and communities prefers a branded app, which is unique to their brand. This is a personalized app.
Building all these personalized apps may seem like a daunting task and a nightmare to maintain, you may say!

When SmartMob scaffolded (designed and built) the initial app with GLOVent, we made sure that personalization was built in from the start. A basic configuration when building a personalized app for the Apple and Android stores, ensures that the app is uniquely branded.

When it communicates with the GLOVent back-office, the app then downloads all the permissions, menu items, tiles and other assets to deliver the specific functionality that the estate/community ordered!

Another SMART solution, with SmartMob working with an innovative GLOVent team!


GLOVent Solutions trusted SmartMob

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GLOVent Solutions trusted SmartMob (Pty) Ltd to assist with the design and development of its Community Management System and Web portal within record time!