We identified a need in the market, aimed at a subset of the typical Project Management tools, to manage requirements and client/stakeholder expectations to ensure the success of any project.

Requirements Management” is a process that identifies stakeholder needs and then manage the process of analysing, prioritizing, agreeing and documenting requirements that ensures all role players fully understands the journey ahead.  This is supported by controlling the change management process and ensuring buy-in through proper communication processes. Benefits Tracking is used to track the success of the intervention and to report to stakeholders.

Requirements Management Info Graphic
Requirements Management Process

To address this need, SmartMob offers two options. The first option is to facilitate the process on any individual project, working with the project team and stakeholders, to ensure success and a greater Return on Investment.

The second, and recommended option, is to facilitate the process through a training, mentoring and coaching process. This approach will not only increase the Return on Investment of any project, but also ensures that your project team is skilled and empowered to repeat the process on other projects.  This is a long-term strategy to significantly improve your profitability and Return on Investment.

I am looking forward to help improve your Return on Investment! Contact us for a free consultation.

Gert Botha, our Founder and an experienced project manager across various disciplines and methodologies will personally handle the facilitation and training/mentoring process.

He is uniquely qualified to present this practical Project Management course for your business, as he did this with excellent results at Intertoll (a division of Group 5)  and Neotel (now Liquid Telecom) and on various projects for SANRAL (South African National Roads Agency Limited).

His Project Management credentials have been established through 25 years of practical experience, managing project teams to deliver significantly improved Return On Investment. Some examples are:

  • Achieving Functional Compliance on SANRAL’s Comprehensive Toll Road Operations and Maintenance contract for Mariannhill (processing 1.2 million vehicles and more than R20 million revenue per month) using an Agile Project Management Processes that was complemented for efficiency and completeness during the annual DEKRA ISO9001 audit
  • Improved special project management team’s project delivery output by successfully leading multi-disciplinary technical teams to excellence in delivery through detailed review and optimization of all value chain processes; started to properly measure and manage performance and worked actively to motivate and improve coherence within teams, all without increasing the cost base. The team achieved:
    • 184% YoY increase in number of projects delivered (FY12/13 and FY13/14)
    • 288% YoY improvement in revenue (FY12/13 and FY13/14
  • Achieved completion of 160+ roadside sites on SANRAL ITS DBOM Project
    • Measured by the successful completion of more than ZAR60M worth of Works Authorisations (WA’s) over 3 regions
    • Standardised the design principles, methodology, procedures and price lists to ensure that SANRAL could easily sign-off on work
  • Completed a 473km, highly redundant communications backbone which connected 100+ sites (Total Value of Design Build Contract: ZAR85M)

Gert is a straight forward get things done professional that focusses on the job instead of the side shows. He will ensure one has the right information at the right time and is definitely an asset to any team "

" Gert is the guy with the big heart. Always putting his teammates and colleague's interests at heart. Technically, his knowledge and experience of tolling and ITS is highly recommended. Gert's commitment to his work was always on display, and his willingness to go the extra mile is a character one looks for in a colleague and Manager. Sharing a seat with Gert at MANCO was an enriching and humbling experience. Thanks for being you "

" Gert is a person who can be trusted upon blindly due to his total and just professional and personal approach. His perfect blend of effectiveness and efficiency adds value to his professionalism. He has given master piece to our company everytime we required some assistance in terms of Toll Solutions. In future as well I would like to request GERT and only GERT to give solutions for my company. His vision, organised approach and leading to logical conclusion in very short timeframe is just immaculate. I regard him as a professional and would like to be associated with him as he can find solutions to all problems. All my company employees, from top management to lower staff, adure him a lot due to his personal touch and professionalism. I also recommend others to have complete faith in him for his quality and clarity in work. GERT hats off to you. "

" Having had the opportunity to work closely with Gert for the past two years, I can vouch of Gert's extensive experience in the Intelligent Transport Systems environment; this was demonstrated by his exceptional understanding of designing, developing and implementing Agile processes and systems within out Tolling environment and scope.

He is an expert in integrating all forms of processes and systems, this was demonstrated by the achievement of an ISO9001 certification. Furthermore, Gert has been involved in the successful introduction of different types of payment methods / systems in both South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Gert's leadership style allows him to be a confidant in his colleagues whilst remaining objective. As part of MANCO, Gert's has contributed enormously in the delivery of the business objectives particularly where technology is concerned.

With his steadfast character supported by the above, I would recommend Gert to anyone without hesitation. "

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